Marketing Automation can be extremely effective when used correctly. Although each individual customer is extremely important, it can get overwhelming having to curate specialized content or reply to their queries. By automating certain aspects of your marketing campaign, it allows for more action to be taken in other areas that will nurture leads on a more personal level.

Good vs. Bad Automation

Good Automation

Lead Nurturing
Customer-Centric Approach
Valuable content

Bad Automation

Lead Killer
Business-First Approach
Irrelevant content

Marketing Automation is a way to help your company save time, but it should never shove a customer into an endless spiral of emails, chatbots, and voicemails.

We put in the work to ensure that your customers won’t drown in the automations that we set up to help create efficient marketing automation for your business.

1. Reducing Staff Costs

Automation allows one person to do the job of a whole marketing department with ease

2. Increase Sales and Customer Dedication

A customer’s lifetime value increases when customers feel like they’re being paid attention to.

3. Increase Efficiency
When things run automatically, you save the time you would have spent doing those tasks.
4. Nurture Staff Creativity

When tasks are automated, your staff has more clarity to think creatively and come up with quality content.

5. Easier A/B Testing
With automation marketing always tracking data, A/B testing is quicker and more efficient.

Different Kinds of Automation We Offer



Automating messages such as promotions and links via text


Creating chatbots that answer FAQs for customers and rerouting for specified inquiries

Google sheets automation

Options to auto-populate info to google sheets from multiple avenues


Automating services through phone calls

SRM integration/automation

Automation and integration of storing data, performance measurement, and more

API integrations/automation

Automation and integration of communication between various software components.


Setting up email and drip campaigns