Using a chatbot on your website helps with handling the repetitive tasks that appear in the customer service industry. Customers often have very similar inquiries, like those on an FAQ page, and ask reps instead of searching for answers themselves.

Chatbots function not to replace a live chat, but to help route only high priority cases to a live chat while handling the repetitive interactions.

High vs Low Priority Cases

High Priority- Needs Human Touch

  • Winning back frustrated customers
  • Upselling
  • Complex Troubleshooting
  • Difficult returns or refunds
  • Slander or Threats

Low Priority- Handled by chatbot

  • FAQs
  • Account info
  • Order inquiries
  • Return and refunds within a policy
  • Walk-Throughs

This list is nowhere near exhaustive of what a chatbot can do when automated correctly. It seems limited to ecommerce but chatbots can be used in multiple industries like the ones below;

And more…
By implementing a chatbot system into your website or messaging platform, it gives customer service reps a chance to take their time with customers and make them feel important.

Chatbot + Live Chat

  • Lowers volume of inquiries
  • Lower wait times
  • Bots help with menial tasks like assisted checkout or surveys
  • Bots can send along cases requiring empathy while handling FAQs

Live Chat Alone

  • Higher volume of inquiries
  • Backed up inquiries
  • Have to spend time walking customers through checkout or surveys while more dire inquiries hang in the wind
  • Can only spend a short amount of time on high priority cases

The more personalized attention is given to a customer, the more likely they are to convert and return.

You may wonder if a chatbot will ruin the customer experience if they become aware they are speaking to a chatbot. When chat automation is done correctly, any inquiries that will likely confuse the bot will automatically be rerouted to a human representative.

Great chat automation is done carefully, taking into consideration high quality customer service responses and a multitude of inquiries that can potentially be asked.

We do our research on both your company and industry to find as many potential inquiries as possible and ways a question can be phrased to ensure the best chat automation for your business.

The customer isn’t always right, but they are a priority. We make sure your chatbot is automated to make them a priority and send them the right information as quickly as possible.