Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the strongest forms of internet marketing to date. It typically consists of email automation, drip campaigns, email creation, and email analytics.

There are about 5.59 billion active email accounts with 3.9 billion actual email users. That’s more than Facebook and Twitter accounts combined! This audience is one so vast that companies who take advantage of it see an increase in web activity almost instantly.


All your potential clients are on their phones or computers right now hearing the chime of a notification and seeing that it’s an email. It’s an instant way to reach prospects at a place they already spend most of their time.
Create a Following
Consistency and quality bring forth a strengthened brand and committed followers.
Increase Sales

Email generates around $37B in retail sales annually

Build Customer Relations

When you send valuable emails with enriched content, customers will seek out more.

Valuable Data Collection

Data monitoring will tell you whether or not your content is of quality.

Establish Returning Customers

Customers are likely to return when notified about special deals or content

Build Credibility

Allowing customers to choose the emails they receive builds their trust in your company.

Personalize Content

You can direct specific content to specific customers

Easy Time and Budget Management

Unlike other forms of marketing, email is cheaper and easier to do.

Increase Traffic

Email sends links directly to your customers to drive traffic.

Build Enthusiasm

When customers get perks for subscribing, it adds value to the emails you’re sending.

What We Do

Email Automation

We curate a strategy specially designed for your company based on the unique needs of your campaign where your customers receive emails on an automated basis of your choosing. Customers receive a targeted email at a specific time for a selected amount of times each week without you having to lift a finger.

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns tell a story through a series of emails over a long span of time. They’re often a call-to-action, leading subscribers to perform some sort of action at the end of said campaign.

We find out exactly what needs to get done in your company and formulate a campaign that achieves said goal. Need more engagement? We’ll create content that will increase traffic and social engagement. Need higher customer return rates? We’ll entice them to do so!

Email Creation

We create emails that appeal to your customers and prospects while focusing on your bottom line. Our content creators and designers work together to make eye catching emails that are informative and clickable.

Email Analytics

Email automation is just step one of creating a great email campaign. Keeping track of all the data that comes with it is just as important. We collect data that comes from how users interact with the emails we send them to evolve a campaign.

What We Do

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